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Including My Original Pops, Minimal, Serious, and Classical Free MP3 music.
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Song Number Date Description 320kbps 192kbps 96kbps 32kbps
Song8 29.May.2005 song for several pianos , minimal
Song7 20.Sept.2004 song for strings , minimal
Song6 7.Sept.2004 Easy Pop , like bossa nova
Song5 6.Sept.2004 song for strings , minimal
Song4 3.Sept.2004 Cheap Pop , like electronica
Song3 25.Aug.2004 Pop , triple beats R&B
Song2 23.Aug.2004 song for drums and several electric guitars
Song1 18.Aug.2004 song for several pianos
composed by T.Hirano Last update 24.May.2009
since 25.Aug.2004
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